Management Theory and Studies for Rural Business and Infrastructure Development, Volume 36, Number 3

The business public consultation service quality assessment: Kaunas regional case study

Alvydas Aleksandravičius, Sandra Valauskienė


The business consulting public services is one of the most successful business building and development conditions. The business public consulting services are an important professional activity helping executives and managers analyze and solve practical problems of other organisations, improve operational efficiency as well as absorb the experiences of other organisations. Various models integrating theoretical knowledge and practice are used for analysing and for evaluating the quality of the services. After performing an analysis of the majority of the models, it was decided that the most suitable models for evaluation or service quality are the Generally Perceived Quality and Servqual. Consulting services are not providing the consumers with any materials goods and therefore, most of the other models are not suitable for evaluation of business consulting services. Research object – quality of business consultation services. Research aim – to identify the quality of business consultation services, provided by public institutions of Kaunas Region and to prepare the recommendations, how to improve it. Research methods: the analysis and synthesis of academic literature, questionnaire poll, logical modelling, comparison and visualization techniques were.

JEL codes: J68, R23, Q01, O15.

Keyword(s): business, public consultation service, service quality

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