Management Theory and Studies for Rural Business and Infrastructure Development, Volume 36, Number 2

Global transformations of international organic agrofood markets

Tetyana Tsyhankova, Olga Yatsenko, Yulya Zavadska


Globalization of the international economy has a significant impact on the agricultural market. The article reveals the economic and social prerequisites of global transformations and market changes in international markets for organic agricultural food. The aim of this paper is the theoretical and practical study of determinants for globalized development of global and domestic organic food market and justification of priorities in the implementation of national interests in this field. The peculiarities of the market development of organic agricultural food are identified and its structure is investigated. Given the processes taking place in the world markets, the imperfections of institutional support of the Ukrainian market is highlighted. On the basis of scientific and special methods of economic research, the methodological approach to the definition of complex instruments stimulating the market development of organic agricultural products in Ukraine was proposed and justified and the proposals for harmonization of methods of its state and market regulation through the introduction of a system of measures, which include regulatory, financial and communication tools, was made. The conclusions regarding the importance of creating conditions for operation of agricultural markets integrated into international ones in Ukraine were drawn.

JEL Codes: Q01, Q55, M14.

Keyword(s): global transformation, market conditions, organic agricultural production, organic agri-food product market, supply and demand

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