Management Theory and Studies for Rural Business and Infrastructure Development, Volume 36, Number 2

Innovational investment development vector of rural territories

Maria Plotnikova, Yuliya Bogoyavlenska


The problem of innovational investment development in Ukraine has been researched. Main peculiarities of the national socio-economic, agrarian policies have been defined on the base of results of the empiric researches. The priorities of the development of rural territories, incl. the organic production, the development of a “green economy”, the restoration of traditional agriculture with the aim of sustainable development and as an important source of income of the local population has been formulated. The necessity of modeling for modern system management has been proved. The conclusion about the influence of the innovation process for national agriculture development has been made.

JEL Codes: C38, E24, J08, O3, Р28, Q18, D83, J53, Q01.

Keyword(s): investments, innovations, system management, development of rural territories

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