Management Theory and Studies for Rural Business and Infrastructure Development, Volume 36, Number 2

Innovative technology in agriculture as a component of environmental management

Mariya Martynchuk


Innovative technologies in contemporary agriculture appear as an efficient instrument of introduction of ecological management to agricultural companies. The aim of the research is to investigate ecological consequences of agro-innovations. The research is based on methods of analysis, synthesis and logical generalization. The analysis of the publications of national scientists studying the issue of innovation in the agricultural sector has been studied. Terminological identification of the concept of "ahroinnovation" has been made. Best innovative technology for each type of agricultural activities has been singled out and grouped. Possible ecological and economic consequences of introduction the innovative technologies in national agricultural production have been predicted.

JEL Codes: Q55, Q10, Q57.

Keyword(s): agro innovations, innovative technologies, environmental threats, environmental management, agriculture

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