Management Theory and Studies for Rural Business and Infrastructure Development, Volume 36, Number 2

Estimation of level of performance functions forests radioactively contaminated territories

Ivan Martynchuk


Forest resources are an integral part of economic, social and ecological development of the state. Making decisions as for the change and improving the system of forestry and the mechanism of management of it should be based on the results of comprehensive evaluation of implementation their functions by forest fund. The research is based on application of integrating estimation method to economic objects. The main functions of forest resources include productive, socio-economic, protective and preserving function. The method of evaluation of lamas their functions is developed, which is based on the method of integral evaluation and regulation of performing indicators implementation of specific functions. System of indicators is selected, which reflect the performance of the forest resources of each determined function. It was ascertained that degree of execution of their functions by forests of the four most radioactively contaminated districts of Zhytomyr oblast as one of the worst-affected by Chornobyl Nuclear Power Plant disaster differs significantly. This applies especially to provisional and protection functions.

JEL Codes: Q23, Q51.

Keyword(s): forest resources, radioactively contaminated forests, functions of forests, integral evaluation of the functions by forests

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