Management Theory and Studies for Rural Business and Infrastructure Development, Volume 36, Number 2

Organic production as an innovative trend in export-oriented development of Ukraine's agriculture

Nataliia Karasova


Despite the global economic slowdown, the sales of organic products on the international market continue to grow, and their production is becoming one of the most promising directions in agriculture. Given Ukraine's natural resources, export-oriented production of organic products has great potential. The purpose of this survey – to analyze the current trends on the global market for organic products, as well as the potential for organic farming in Ukraine, and to find the prospects and ways to develop exports. Using of general logical methods of induction and deduction, analyzing the trends on the global market for organic products and the potential of Ukraine's agriculture, organizational, economic, socio-cultural and regulatory conditions for the development of organic production in Ukraine are distinguished. The factors and promising directions of Ukraine's export specialization on the world market for organic products are explored, major methods of stimulating and supporting exporting producers are suggested.

JEL codes: O13, F1.

Keyword(s): export-oriented organic production, global market of organic products, organic products

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