Management Theory and Studies for Rural Business and Infrastructure Development, Volume 36, Number 2

Multi-criteria assessment of agricultural buildings sustainability behavior

Rolandas Drejeris


Sustainability of agricutural building's behavior is important characteristic which influence not only expenditure of its design, building and management, but also the choice of housing, working safety, and ease of implementation of these decisions. Models of sustainability assessment suggested in scientific and special literature are based by only several different criteria, so in that way sustainability connot be measured overall. There is no single summarizing indicator which would cover all the aspects of the building's sustainability behavior. The aim of this article is to present methodology for assessment of the agricultural building's sustainability behavior. Presented methodology is based on “Copras” method of multi – criteria evaluation which is build on selected and justified 76 criteria, and they are grouped in 12 parts. It also includes innovative recommendations for the experts‘ assessment for using mentioned criteria.

JEL Codes: C02, C51, Q56, Q58, R01.

Keyword(s): sustainability, multi-criteria assessment, model, expert metod

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