Management Theory and Studies for Rural Business and Infrastructure Development, Volume 36, Number 1

Hydrogen as energy source – challenges for regions in Latvia (results of public opinion survey)

Biruta Sloka, Jānis Kleperis, Justs Dimants, Ilze Dimanta, Jānis Kleperis Jr.


Hydrogen energy with every day comes into everyday life in many countries and in many national economies. Several countries, like USA, United Kingdom, Taiwan, Portugal, Spain, Slovenia, Romania, Lithuania and other have developed hydrogen economy programs and recent developments towards acceptance hydrogen as energy source comes into daily life: public transport, heating, etc. take place into economies. In many countries extensive research was performed on public awareness and acceptance of hydrogen energy. The current paper is devoted to public opinion regarding the hydrogen energy in Latvia. Extensive survey in all regions was conducted in the first half of 2013. The questions on public opinion were stated to give evaluations in scale 1–10, where 1– lower evaluation and 10 – higher evaluation. The respondents have represented all regions in the country. The results indicated that not enough information is for public, results differed in the regions. Research methods used: literature review, survey methods, descriptive statistics, correlation analysis.

JEL codes: M30, M31.

Keyword(s): Hydrogen economy, public opinion, marketing research, attitude

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