Management Theory and Studies for Rural Business and Infrastructure Development, Volume 36, Number 1

National fish rebuilding: problems and possibilities

Gediminas Radzevičius


Fish rebuilding process that is provided by the national departments is one of the most important tasks while trying to secure the stability of bio-environment and ecosystems. The identifying of problems in the national fish rebuilding allows foreseeing the possibilities for making them more efficient and helps using the resources of national budget more efficient as well. The aim of this  research is to make suggestions, which could increase the efficiency of fish rebuilding activity. The method of the research – the analysis of natural and financial data base of the year 2010–2012 of state fish rebuilding. The conclusions of the research go as follows: 1) the correlation relation  between majority of planted fish species and commercial fish capture is insignificant or even negative one; 2) the part of planting material for some of the fish species is rather high in the cost price of captured fish; 3) a very low economic efficiency of the activity of different fish rebuilding  departments; 4) it is necessary to optimize the activities and structures of fish rebuilding departments, and to optimize the assortment of fish species for rebuilding.

JEL codes: Q22, Q28, H44, D24, M21.

Keyword(s): renewable resources, efficiency of activity, fish rebuilding

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