Management Theory and Studies for Rural Business and Infrastructure Development, Volume 7

Development of stimulation of staff work at meat processing enterprise

Alex Shilenkov


The overall performance of the enterprise in many respects depends on the interest of each
worker in qualitative and quantitative results of work. For this purpose at the enterprise the system
of stimulation of work of the personnel should be created. Within two years on meat processing
enterprise the used economic, social - psychological, organizational methods of stimulation were
studied. On the basis of the given research the forms of encouragement, both punishment of material
and non-material character, were determined. The application of such system promoting professional
and creative development of the workers, their interest in final results of work of the enterprise,
allows raising productivity of work, income of the enterprise, to adapt for work in the European

Keyword(s): stimulations, payment of work, methods of direct and indirect stimulation: economic, social-psychological, organizational

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