Management Theory and Studies for Rural Business and Infrastructure Development, Volume 7

Agricultural real estate market in poland in the years 1992-2005

Renata Marks-Bielska, Roman Kisiel


The paper aimed at presenting the dynamics and structure of phenomena occurring in the
Polish agricultural land market. It was pointed out that the agricultural real estate market in Poland
is divided into two markets on the basis of ownership – the market of private peasant land
and the market of State Treasury land. The Polish agricultural land market is at the development
stage that can be supported by the increase in prices and lease rents for agricultural land. It is expected
that the accepted policy of the state concerning the management of available space will
develop and implement a comprehensive system for both using the agricultural land and allocation
of agricultural land for non-agricultural uses.

Keyword(s): agriculturalland market, agricultural real property agency, sale,lease

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