Management Theory and Studies for Rural Business and Infrastructure Development, Volume 7

A look at biotechnology at formation of innovative strategies

Arimantas Bronislovas Knašas


The purpose-The purpose of this paper consists in analyzing features of an agriculture in
21 century, to explain the analysis of the patent information and application of the received results
of the analysis for management of planning in the organization.
Design/methodology/approach-Features of an innovation and an agriculture are researched.
Application of biotechnology and a legal basis of intellectual property is considered.
Bibliographic patent data and application of patent parameters in management of planning is
Finding-The paper finds: Biotechnologization of agriculture is emerging as one of the
primary manifestations of the globalized knowledge-based economy; Biotechnologization of agriculture
represents the ongoing attempts to transform agriculture through the commercial deployment
of biotechnological innovations. The system of intellectual property (IP) rights creates
a mechanism to resolve the “appropriability” problem of knowledge. Patents are clearly linked to
processes of knowledge generation and utilization, and can be considered “traces” of knowledge.
The number of patents granted to a given firm or country may reflect its technological dynamism.
Planning is the managerial function of establishing the basic directions and organizational
objectives. Management of every organization needs to analyze its environment and organization’s
Practical implications-The analysis of the patent information will allow the organization
to estimate more precisely a condition of environment (to identify opportunities and threats) and
an resources of the organization (to to identify strengths and weakness) and to form innovative

Keyword(s): Innovation, Agriculture policy, Biotechnology, Intellectual Property, Patent Information, Planning, Lithuania

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