Management Theory and Studies for Rural Business and Infrastructure Development, Volume 7

Entrepreneurship development in mazowsze voivodship

Halina Kałuża


The role of private sector in Polish economy is important. It is supported by
statistics showing a growing tendency of the subjects of this sector since the beginning
of the 90s. In the year 1993, three years after introducing the market economy,
there were over 1.8 mln private firms and partnerships active on the Polish
market. In the year 2003 the number increased to over 3 mln.
It is worth mentioning that the number of the very microenterprises grew
from 624 th in 1988 to 3.4 mln in 2005. In the Polish system called REGON (register
of national economy subjects) over 2778 th of physical persons were registered
in the year 2005.
In the year 2005 the number of newly registered and signed-off firms was
281607 and 218117, respectively. The stabilisation index was 129%. The index of
dynamics of an increase in the total number of economy enterprises in the years
1995-2005 (the year 1995 – 100%) was at the level of 171%. In the case of the enterprises
run by physical persons it was about 185% and for microfirms employing
up to 9 persons – about 185%.
Assuming that the development of small and medium-sized enterprises is an
important factor of economy activation, the paper focuses on showing the differentiation
of the potential of this sector in the sector and spatial cross-section at the
NUTS-2 and NUTS-3 region level. A region in Poland is usually associated with a
voivodship. An analysis of the condition and development trends of this sector is
becoming an important element of the studies on the country economy because the
knowledge of the issue is necessary to design effective policy in respect to the sector
of small and medium-sized enterprises, also at the regional level.
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