Management Theory and Studies for Rural Business and Infrastructure Development, Volume 8

Changing Conditions in Lithuania’s Land Market Formation and Its Effect on Farmers’ Decision-Making

Zenonas Kazakevičius


The paper is aimed at analyzing the formation and dynamics of farm land
market in Lithuania as well as determining the factors and their effects on the
decision-making of farmers as to the expansion of land-owned areas and
intensification of the land consolidation processes. Even after the Lithuania’s
independence had been regained in 1990, the land market of the country stayed
inactive for a long time. It was stipulated by both objective and subjective reasons,
though nowadays there exist more than enough limitations and obstacles. However
expanding market economy relations and improving the economic situation of the
farm produce sales on domestic and foreign markets, direct payments made and the
state support in land purchasing, contributed to the land market intensification.

Keyword(s): farm land, land reform, land market, land market activity, land user, farm, private subsidiary holding

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