Management Theory and Studies for Rural Business and Infrastructure Development, Volume 8

Changes in Productivism and and Post-Productivism Activities: Case of Lithuanian Rural Areas

Mečislovas Treinys, Valerija Vinciūnienė, Bernardas Vaznonis


The paper determines the essence of productivity and post-productivity, as well
as changes in the correlation of these two paradigms in the development of the
Lithuania’s countryside. The Lithuanian model of agriculture with its correspondence
to the European model is discussed. The authors suggest the techniques of forming
the regional micromodels, necessary for forecasting the countryside development
prospects. They also determine the correlation of these micromodels with the multifunctionality
of agriculture, differences in nonagrarian orientation of rural areas and
the correlation between the production of private and public goods and services. The
prospects of developing the separate micromodels in various regions of Lithuania are

Keyword(s): productivist countryside, post-productivist countryside, multifunctional agriculture, nonagrarian orientation, model of agriculture

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