Management Theory and Studies for Rural Business and Infrastructure Development, Volume 30

Enterprise Ethics: Does it Guarantee Effective Ethical Managerial Decisions?

Jolita Greblikaitė, Indre Navickaitė
Institute of Europe, Kaunas University of Technology


In the article the one part of enterprise ethics – ethical decision-making is researched. Enterprises apply decision-making in implementing ethical principals in their activity. The effectiveness of decision is one of the most important things in ethical decision-making. One of the often used methods in ethical decision-making is utilitarian method, analysed in this article. The practical application of the method is shown in the article. The utilitarian method is applied in Lithuanian maternity leave case. The application of utilitarian method implies that managers should accurately evaluate situation and analysed ethical dilemma for getting an effective ethical managerial decision with positive effect for their enterprises.

Keyword(s): enterprise ethics; enterprise; ethical managerial decisions; utilitarian method of ethical decision-making

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