Management Theory and Studies for Rural Business and Infrastructure Development, Volume 8

The Techniques for Assessing the Functioning of Marketing Cooperatives

Vitaly Zinovchuk, Yyriy Brodsky, Olexy Buluy


Agricultural service cooperatives are an important element of the market
economic system. The cardinal changes in the agrarian sector of Ukraine’s national
economy have contributed to establishing and broadening the cooperative forms of
agribusiness in our country. The economic origin, organizational structure,
management system and mechanism of the cooperatives functioning have certain
peculiarities, requiring adequate approaches to assessing the efficiency of their
functioning. The paper presents a new approach to calculating the economic
efficiency, which is made in the form of a linear programming task. This systems
approach makes it possible to assess the expediency of using the economic potentials
of service cooperatives.

Keyword(s): agricultural service cooperative, economic efficiency, financial results, economy of scale

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