Management Theory and Studies for Rural Business and Infrastructure Development, Volume 8

The Place and Role of Production Co-operation in Agriculture: Case of Southern Ukraine

Julia Ushkarenko


The study makes analysis of the economic and social essence of the modern
agricultural production co-operatives, their specific features, place and role. On this
basis some theoretical and methodological principles as well as practical line of
developing the form of management in the South of Ukraine are examined. It is
shown that in 2002-2006 and insignificant increase in the number of co-operatives
was only registered in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, whereas in Mykolayiv,
Odesa and Kherson regions their number decreased because of the specific social and
economic environment in those regions. The research conducted identifies the state of
production co-operation process. The main directions of further production cooperation
development that reflect both international principles and particularities of
co-operative farming in Ukraine as whole and in its southern region are suggested.

Keyword(s): cooperation, agricultural production cooperative, agrarian sector, agricultural production

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