Management Theory and Studies for Rural Business and Infrastructure Development, Volume 8

Difficulties in Measuring Bonding Social Capital Among Polish Farmers

Anna Kłoczko-Gajewska


Social capital is a popular concept and in the last decade researchers aimed to
empirically verify its theoretical assumptions. It seems to be relevant to distinguish
between bonding social capital and bridging social capital, as they can have different
outcomes. Even though theoretical division between these two types of social capital
is clear, in practice a researcher faces serious problems with operationalising the
concept. Some of the difficulties result from the fact that a certain group can be of
bonding or of bridging type at the same time, depending on the context. In the case of
Polish farmers each village could be called a group of bonding type just a few
decades ago, but recent changes in socio-economic situation and lifestyles force
search for a new definition.

Keyword(s): farmers, bridging social capital, bonding social capital

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