Management Theory and Studies for Rural Business and Infrastructure Development, Volume 9

Regional Corporations in Agriculture

Lyubov Mykhaylova, Roman Kosodiy


The paper presents analysis and assessment of the current situation with
agricultural cooperation and regional agricultural corporations in Ukraine, as
well as their development prospects. Today, there is a need for an efficient
market infrastructure, capable of ensuring transparent sales of agricultural
commodities. This infrastructure may be created my means of producers’
organization. However, the government does not actually participate in the
process of facilitating these organizations. The main purpose of the paper is to
develop the concept of regional corporations in agriculture, which would
facilitate development of competitive agriculture and viable rural sector in
general, stimulating the development of marketing infrastructure. The alternative
ways of creating the regional corporations were offered as a result of survey of
the participants of rural and agricultural markets, particularly managers of
agricultural enterprises, as well as experts in various related fields.

Keyword(s): regional corporation, agricultural market, agricultural transformations, rural areas, agricultural cooperatives

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