Management Theory and Studies for Rural Business and Infrastructure Development, Volume 9

Development of Producer Organizations in Agriculture of the European Union

Aistė Galnaitytė, Irena Kriščiukaitienė, Gediminas Kuliesis


The article presents the experience of development and functioning of the
producer organizations in the period of 2000-2004. This experience is quite
important for Lithuania as its agricultural products face year by year growing
competition from old EU member state farmer’s production.
Experience shows the most important proposal is to seek for new nontraditional
ways for POs production sales stressing on production deliveries
directly to wholesale. It is also important for Lithuanian POs to join the
International POs as using their experience in cooperation will allow receiving
the gains of cooperation within shorter time limits.

Keyword(s): producer organisations, EU support, total production, value of marketed production, channels of distribution, expenditure, operational fund

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