Management Theory and Studies for Rural Business and Infrastructure Development, Volume 10

Engineer training and re-skilling problems for Lithuanian sm enterprises

Algimantas Sakalas, Rimantas Venskus


Goal of the study. To structure the problems and their resolution ways, which appear in
Lithuanian economy training specialists – engineers for Lithuanian small and medium enterprises
(SME’s). Study subject-matter.
There is given a review about the position of SME’s in the structure of Lithuanian economy
and presented characteristics of the specialists. There is presented a structured competencies
system of this range specialists, where is analyzed learning and qualification advance (LQA) system
in Lithuania. Basing on the implemented research it is stated, that it is not appraised enough
the peculiarities of the present system, where the main attribute is the weakness / non-existence
of LQA system in the enterprises. In such conditions the system of higher education is the main
place of LQA for specialists.
There was performed a survey of LQA system work practice, which allows to state:
• specialists – engineers trained by Lithuanian LQA system are oriented more to requirements
raised by large enterprises then by SME’s;
• it was impacted both by new government acts and by essential changes of specialists
• recently essential changes are in process in Lithuanian (LQA) qualification advance
subsystem, which is strongly oriented to the changes in meeting specialists demand;
• there is given a review about re-skilled and qualification system, its evolution, problems
and possible further resolution ways.

Keyword(s): SME’s, engineers, learning, qualification advance

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