Management Theory and Studies for Rural Business and Infrastructure Development, Volume 10

The novelty of agricultural sector investment projects

Juozas Kirstukas, Julius Ramanauskas


The article presenting the social – economical researches, accomplished of the purpose to
determine the conception of novelty in agricultural sector; to analyze and estimate the condition
of innovation development of agricultural companies according to separate branches of Lithuanian
SPD 4 priority means. It been indicated, that when analysis of separate projects was performed
in order to determine their innovation level, all analyzed projects were evaluated as low
innovative. During the research they also found out what problems economic entities faced while
implementing innovative activities. Respondents mentioned that the biggest disadvantage of new
production and technology production was insufficient MTEP funding and that science was not
oriented enough towards a particular user.
In agricultural sector innovations signify a lot, so one suggests evaluating projects that
claim to EU support according to financial rates and the level of innovations.

Keyword(s): Innovations, novelty, agricultural sector, investment projects

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