Management Theory and Studies for Rural Business and Infrastructure Development, Volume 11

Environmental impact assessment system and sustainable regional development

Rimantas Dapkus


Environmental impact assessment (EIA) is a process of identification, description and assessment
of potential impact of planned economic activity on the environment. The origins of
EIA procedure are in the United States in the second half of XX century. Law on Environmental
impact assessment in Lithuania was adopted in 1996. Thus, experience with EIA in Lithuania is
about 10 years. Many EIA procedures were carried out during these 10 years. Not only the number
of environmental impact assessment procedures has changed since the beginning of EIA in
Lithuania, but also the number and quality of related legal acts. The law itself has been amended
twice, and one more amendment is on the way. Over 50 various regulations and decisions related
with EIA were adopted during the decade. When joining the European Union, EU legislation has
been transposed into our national legislation. There are some discussions about the effectiveness
of EIA. Some countries, like Denmark, Great Britain, Australia and etc. have carried out detailed
studies on effectiveness of EIA and named the problems to be solved. There are no similar studies
in Lithuania. Therefore it was considered important to evaluate the effectiveness of EIA in
Lithuania and to identify weak points.
Aim of the research – to analyze system of environmental impact assessment in Lithuania
and to assess its effectiveness based on EIA impact on sustainable development of the region.
As a result of the investigation, factors influencing the effectiveness of environmental
impact assessment were identified and defined the main weak points of this process.

Keyword(s): Environmental impact assessment, strategical planning, sustainable regional development

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