Management Theory and Studies for Rural Business and Infrastructure Development, Volume 12

Capabilities of economics growth on basis of innovations and knowledge development: experience of Lithuania

Jolanta Solnyškinienė


Results of economy growth possibilities study with respect to innovation and knowledge
development are given are given in the article. The paradigm of economy growth is analyzed.
The main focus in this article is on environment and factors affect knowledge economy formation
and its functioning mechanisms. Large part of factors is determined by post – communist
transformation and euro – integration processes. We can state that knowledge economy development
is mostly influenced by negative results of transformation processes.
Essential problems influencing knowledge economy development in Lithuania are given.
Mentioned factors have positive or negative impact, the power and duration of impact is different.
Many of factors have synergetic influence. Problem is that among mentioned factors, that influence
knowledge economy development in Lithuania factors having negative impact dominate,
their impact is long - term and strong.

Keyword(s): Growth of economics, knowledge economy, enterprise, agriculture policy

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