Management Theory and Studies for Rural Business and Infrastructure Development, Volume 13

The perspectives of the sustainable development of rural tourism

Vytautas Jonas Žilinskas, Margarita Maksimenko


There are advantageous recreational conditions in Lithuania that allow the development
of rural tourism. Today rural tourism is the important part of Lithuanian tourism sector that is
characterized with its individuality and competitive features, is able to influence the formation of
the image of local government and country, and induce the growth of incoming tourism. The article
analyzes rural tourism as socioeconomic phenomenon, and suggests that its development is
one of the ways to improve the living standards of country residents. The article also discusses
the relevance of sustainable development, analyzes the condition of rural tourism in Lithuania,
and suggests SWOT analysis of Lithuanian rural tourism and the perspectives of its sustainable

Keyword(s): Rural tourism, sustainable development, SWOT analysis, development perspectives

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