Management Theory and Studies for Rural Business and Infrastructure Development, Volume 13

Integration of environmental concerns into agricultural policy trough support for rural development in baltic states

Eglė Stonkutė, Gediminas Radzevičius, Erika Ribašauskienė


The purpose of the paper is to reveal the integration models of environment concerns into
Baltic States’ agricultural policy. While Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania are still recognized as
being countries in transition and with technological and structural gaps compared to old Member
States, could be less willing to apply environment oriented measures versus investment support
for farming. However, the provided analysis and comparisons of Rural Development Programmes
for 2007-2013 in three countries revealed that have chosen different paths for the implementation
of their strategic objectives integrating competitiveness and environmental concerns.

Keyword(s): Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), rural development policy, agricultural policy, environment, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania

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