Management Theory and Studies for Rural Business and Infrastructure Development, Volume 13

Process management conception in organizations management field

Diana Lodienė


Processes are everywhere – in organization‘s activity, in manufacturing, even in
our life. Just processes existing in an organization are more complicated by their concept
and management and it will vary according to the structure of an organization. Otherwise
the competitiveness in global economy is so big that needs of consumers are expanding.
That’s why in today’s competitive environment where companies are merging, consolidating
and striving to uncover new growth opportunities, savvy business leaders are recognizing
the value that comes from working more closely with process management.
Driven in large part by the growing adoption rates of a totality of process management,
more and more organizations are realizing that the alignment of process view and business
delivers tangible results and significant returns in terms of productivity, competitive
advantage and cost savings. On this background the conception of organizations management
is supplemented with new process management methodologies. It is discovered
that process management involves these factors: strategy, goals, process modeling, measurement
and implementation of processes and also the totality of process management.

Keyword(s): Process management, processes, organization, organization management

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