Management Theory and Studies for Rural Business and Infrastructure Development, Volume 13

Theoretical preconditions for creation of inovation environment

Laura Baronienė


Environment, in which the organization is active, is one of core elements, which
has to be analyzed in order to ensure efficient risk management in planned management
inovations realization. The realization of inovative management environment aims to minimize
the risk by choosing the management inovations depending on surrounding environment.
The main target of each organization is to adopt to the changing surroundings
conditions and to asure long being and profit. Remarkable is, that one of the ways to asure
competition advantage is not the competition in current market, but the creation of new
market. Theare are six major groups of influence, which may impacts the realization of
inovative management environment: organizations, which are implementing inovations;
organizations, which are planing to implemet inovations; society; goverment institutions,
responsiable for succesefull Lisabona strategy implementation; current/potential investors;
universities and other scietific organizations. Every of these groups has the posibility
to asure the inovative activities, but it‘s very necesary to estimate the compatibility of
groups interests in order to bypass posible conflicts. Environment in which the scietic
inovation action hapens is very important in various aspects. This environment forms the
substance of scientific inovations and the main orentations of them. From this poit of
view this environment can be perceptible as a part of scientific inovation potencial. The
development level and the factors, elements that influence are diferent in regions. It could
be the colaboration between organizations (system based on organizations), universities
and organizations which are making researches (science based system), political factors
(system based on politics).

Keyword(s): Management innovations, innovations environment, stakeholders

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