Management Theory and Studies for Rural Business and Infrastructure Development, Volume 13

Development of strategic management methodology: estimation of nowadays and tendencies

Jonas Andriuščenka


Today the economical organizations are functioning under circumstances of global competition,
uncertain external environment, limited resources and marked changes in political and social area. There
is necessity to be correctly oriented in turbulent environment and to get acquaintance with ordered situational
diversity. The significant factor in such environment could be determined as the organizational
competence to concentrate and to implement available non-material resources.
The problem of implementation of strategic management concepts is not considered in all its aspects.
Accordingly, the research is focused on the analysis and evaluation of development factors and
problems oriented as strategic entrepreneurship, and their impact upon the economical activity of entities
of agriculture.
The paper presents the main results of scientific researches, which reflect the tendencies of strategic
management development. Here are presented centralized, emergence, competitive positioning and
other current competences grounded by strategic attitudes and evaluations, - and presented summarized
data of intelligence researches about the tendencies of future strategic methodologies.

Keyword(s): Strategic management, methodology, rural business, development process

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