Management Theory and Studies for Rural Business and Infrastructure Development, Volume 14

Management of Lithuanian open Baltic fishing fleet in accordance with the multiannual cod re-source management plan

Arina Motova


The Council of European Union in 2007 has adopted the regulation (EC) Nr. 1098/2007, establishing
a multiannual plan for the cod stocks in the Baltic Sea and the fisheries exploiting those
stocks. According to this regulation two fishery management tools could be used: restriction of fishing
effort and restriction of fishing quota. This research has been done during the preparation of the
Fishing effort adjustment plan 2008–2009 for Lithuania.
To evaluate the possible consequences of management plan two possible scenarios of effort
management have been evaluated and the results of it are presented in this article.
The calculations showed that the restriction of fishing days wouldn’t influence the use of
quota by trawlers, the luck of fishing days is observed only in the optimum scenario with the minimum
average CPUE (catch per unit effort). The regulation of fishing effort would influence the vessels
using gillnet or longlines most, as those vessels can use the available quota during the days allowed
only if the CPUE would be the highest, which have been observed during the trips in 2005–
The calculations also showed rather good economic performance of the cod fishery and even
in the case of pessimistic scenario of decisions made the allowed fishing quota is enough for staying
in business, but the restriction of fishing effort doesn’t allows using the entire quota allowed for fishery.

Keyword(s): Multiannual plan for the cod stocks in the Baltic Sea, efficiency of fishery, cod fishery, fishing effort

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