Management Theory and Studies for Rural Business and Infrastructure Development, Volume 15

Organization management assessing stakeholder influence

Vytautas Žirgutis


The movement of stakeholders was formed at the end of previous century. Considering the
importance and influence on development of organizations, this movement is compared to such
phenomenon as globalization or rapid evolution of information technologies. Various schools of
strategic management take into account this influence at their postulates; representatives of science
of management analyze the movement of stakeholders more and more. There is noticed tendency –
the more modern attitude to the management of organization the more attention is devoted to this
phenomenon. Despite the rising attention to the stakeholders’ influence on the management of organizations
the theory of stakeholders is not fully formed yet.
The analyses of management literature and the changes of management practice allow making
assumption about the existing management paradigm changes and transformations on both theoretical
and practical levels. Theorists of management are forced to consider the evolution of management
practice and involve new phenomenon or acknowledge significance of these new phenomenon.
The activity of stakeholders force economy subjects, which purposes are expressed by economical
categories, undertake features of anthropocentric systems in such way changing their principles
of behaviour, methods, regulation and purposive orientations. This activity causes turbulence of
organizations’ activity environment and at the same time demands to evaluate these changes and
consider them when managing organizations. In a manner of peaking, decisions of management essentially
are taken beyond the limits of management of organization and executives of organizations
are left the role of decision acceptance and realization, when the activity of stakeholders is active
and strategic response of organization is wrong.

Keyword(s): efficiency of organizations’ management, means, presumptions, results and the subsequences of stakeholders’ activity, stakeholders, strategic management

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