Management Theory and Studies for Rural Business and Infrastructure Development, Volume 15

The impact of organizational culture on organizational management

Ligita Šimanskienė


To achieve continuous development and prosperity of an organization under market conditions
any organization should work profitably. Thus the organization should be managed purposefully.
One of the main factors of the modern management is the specific organizational culture.
As any organization is a group of people striving for the same aims, the success of its business
depends directly on the skill and abilities of the working people to understand equally correctly
what they are doing and aiming for. This is possible only in case of forming the specific
organizational culture. Forming of such culture are conscious, purposeful attempts which require
big physical and moral force and knowledge based on common to all mankind securities and
commonly acknowledged moral norms as well as the activities of the head of the organization.
This gives the employees a possibility to understand what requirements and hopes are related to
them and to get any needed support to do the work. The ability to manage the work effectively
influences the effectiveness of the organization, has a positive influence on the employees. Well
known world organizations remain only due to high specific culture.
The author provides the universal model of leadership/management in organisation,
which could be successfully used for organisation management by any manager who has appropriate
theoretical and practical background and have in their mind- one of the main gun for successful
organizational work- organizational culture.

Keyword(s): globalisation, management, organizational culture

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