Management Theory and Studies for Rural Business and Infrastructure Development, Volume 15

Time and management

Jonas Kvedaravičius, Žilvinas Malinauskas


This article analysis the pendulum of the concepts of time and time management in a modern
society of networking, with reference to synergetics science theories of attractors and co-evolution as
well as the model of self-development quadrants by K. Wilber. The authors distinguish the standings of
time management and time (personal and corporate) in respect of the quadrants of self-development. In
order to comprehend the organization in terms of time, the method of its state valuation in respect of
chaos, time and attractors is presented as one of the substantial principles of modern management. Principles
of systems (net, field), attractors and organization presented in the analysis enables the usage of
systematic organization establishment method as a competitive advantage.

Keyword(s): absolute time, competitive ability, local/relative time, network, organization, system, synergetics, time management

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