Management Theory and Studies for Rural Business and Infrastructure Development, Volume 16

Development of sustainable agriculture in Lithuania

Remigijus Čiegis


The main problem of the article is that development of agriculture in Lithuania is not sustainable
enough. Aim of the article was to evaluate the process of sustainable agriculture and to propose
the possibilities of its improvement in Lithuania. Object of the article is sustainable development
of agriculture and problems of its inducement. In the article were used this methods: a logic
abstraction, which encompasses generalisations on economic and management theories and
thoughts, theoretical systems analysis of the problems of sustainable agriculture, according to the
conclusions and reasoning of scientists from other countries.
The article evaluates the management of agriculture by sustainability aspect. According to
the collected theoretical and practical material, the assessment of agriculture sustainablity from the
viewpoint of principles and systems of environmental economics, strategical management and sustainable
development are reviewed.

Keyword(s): sustainable development, sustainable agriculture, agriculture, development of economy

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