Management Theory and Studies for Rural Business and Infrastructure Development, Volume 17

Sustainable development of regions: the systematic research of Šiauliai region social and economical development

Teodoras Tamošiūnas


The Šiauliai region and its seven municipalities’ sustainable development have been analysed.
In the strategic planning according to theoretical sources, it is recommended to keep to 2C
conception: competition and cooperation. The research has shown that this conception is not kept
in the Šiauliai region planning, and strategic planning is basically not sustainable: municipalities
do not adjust among themselves strategic aims and tasks; the region’s development plan organisers
put the provided activities’ means according to themselves.
The paper analyzes the possibilities of economic and social breakthrough of seven Šiauliai
region municipalities according to social investment indices. The statistical forecasts of 8
mentioned groups of indices for 2010 and 2013 have been calculated using the trend function.
Stimulation of sustainable establishment of industrial zones in precisely identified parts
of Šiauliai region would constitute sustainable net of industrial zones which would perform relevant
“harmonization” function of insustainable region areas and would contribute to general
growth of region competitive ability.

Keyword(s): industrial zone, social indices, strategic planning, sustainable development

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