Management Theory and Studies for Rural Business and Infrastructure Development, Volume 17

Evaluation on the efficiency of the projects

Eligijus Laurinaviиius, Julius Ramanauskas, Edmundas Klimas


The estimator of the activity of economical subjects is market. When the impact of market
is weak or if there is no impact at all (business projects competitions, financially immeasurable
social services, etc.) it is purposeful to apply scientifically substantiated selection methods
suggested in the multi-criterion analysis.
In the article the questions of the evaluation of the projects (prepared by economical subjects)
for the getting of EU support were analysed. They were as follows: the choosing of the optimal
set of project factors, the determination of factors’ coefficients of significance, the choosing
of selection methods, the evaluation of project quality by the DEA-based method. Potentially
valuable methods were analysed concerning all investigation questions and the most suitable
ones were chosen on the basis of such analysis.
The business project selection method was proposed. This method is being substantiated
by the determination of the project factors’ coefficients of significance as well as by the evaluation
of the efficiency of economical subjects’ activity using the DEA-based method. Experimental
calculations of the appliance of the DEA-based method for the evaluation of 26 real projects
confirmed the suitability of the DEA-based method for the purposes of selection.

Keyword(s): economical subjects, efficiency, evaluation, methodology, products, resources

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