Management Theory and Studies for Rural Business and Infrastructure Development, Volume 17

Innovative aspects of development rural tourism in Lithuania

Аlvydas Baležentis, Jonas Jagminas


Lithuanian rural tourism is developing dynamically of late years. Rural tourism is connected
with other types of tourism: ethnographical tourism, recreation tourism, sport tourism,
cultural-cognitive tourism, etc. The aim of the article is to evaluate usage of innovation tools for
successful development of tourism homesteads. A survey of most successful Lithuanian countryside
tourism homesteads identified leading factors that promote successful rural tourism service
innovations. The study identified the main innovative aspects for rural tourism homesteads successful
development. It is important, that successful innovations are matched to the targeted
market, and the effective marketing communication and public relations do support innovations’
success. An innovative model for tourism homesteads development is proposed.

Keyword(s): development, innovative model, rural tourism, rural tourism homestead

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