Management Theory and Studies for Rural Business and Infrastructure Development, Volume 17

Grounding of rational land tenures formation by agricultural entities in Lithuania

Pranas Aleknavičius


The essential influence on reorganization of agrarian territories and land related issues
had the privatization of agricultural enterprises assets and the restoration of rights of ownership
to land. Originally, the idea of land reform in rural territories was to initiate creation of farms
that would be more successful than the former agricultural enterprises. However, due to the
amendments in legislation the greater part of agricultural land now belongs not to farmers, but to
other land owners instead. About 18 % of farmland remains undeclared i.e. uncultivated. Seeking
to use land rationally, it is necessary to take legal, administrative and organizational measures.
Land management services comprise of preparing land consolidation projects and providing information
on characteristics of farmland. The state must regulate terms and conditions of territorial
reorganization and perform a systematic control of land use.

Keyword(s): agricultural entities, farmland, land reform, land tenures

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