Management Theory and Studies for Rural Business and Infrastructure Development, Volume 18

E-marketing instruments using in Lithuania

Jelena Ziborova, Rimantas Stašys


Recently in marketing information technologies are even more often used. In Lithuania
too there is a given tendency, but particularly is not investigated, as the enterprises use emarketing.
For the permission of this problem quantitative research thanks to questionnaire of experts
has been made. Experts in marketing and managers of 297 enterprises of Lithuania participated
in research.
Results have shown, that in the marketing purposes the press, rather than the Internet
more often is used. From all e-marketing instruments is used e-mail more often. The enterprises
of Lithuania e-marketing instruments use basically for simplification of the work, advertising of
the goods/services, stimulation of sales, improvement of servicing and maintenance of close
connections with them, but it is not enough for image improvement. At third of all respondents
demand for the goods/services when they began to use e-marketing instruments has increased.
However on e-marketing instruments two thirds of all enterprises spend only 10 % of marketing
budgetary funds.

Keyword(s): e-marketing, e-marketing instruments, Internet, CRM

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