Management Theory and Studies for Rural Business and Infrastructure Development, Volume 18

Development of innovations within the modernization framework of the farms participating

Julius Ramanauskas, Juozas Kirstukas


Insufficient funding of science, and lack of innovation instilment might result in a long
term technological log of agriculture and food industry. The paper reviews the processes of innovation
development according to, different action fields of SPD and presents innovation criteria
and their evaluation methods for the 2007–2013 RDP (Rural Development Plan) measures.
Analyses of the economic sources and juridical documents, analogies, statistical data analyses
and other methods offered a possibility to evaluate innovation level according to four key
criteria groups: the influence of innovations on (1) products, (2) technological processes in production
and trade, (3) reorganization of the respective subject, and (4) instilment of research. The
paper presents the description of all criteria groups, methods of their establishment, and sources
of information. The data might be used to state the innovation fact of the projects or economy
subjects. Special computer program was developed to compute the innovation level.

Keyword(s): innovations, criteria, products, business project

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