Management Theory and Studies for Rural Business and Infrastructure Development, Volume 24

Profit projections of the Lithuanian agricultural products up to 2013

Irena Krisčiukaitiene, Antanina Tamošaitienė, Selemutė Andrikienė, Danutė Juškevičienė


After the accession to the EU subsidies has been a great support to agricultural producers
to achieve business competitiveness and stability in the market in Lithuania. Competitiveness of
agricultural products is closely related to production costs and profits. However, the tendency of
the profit decrease was observed: support in total profit occupies the major share.
The purpose of this paper is to assess the results of the main agricultural products – profit
and its trends. The article discusses the profit theoretical and practical issues forecast. The focus
is on the analysis of the profit of main crop and livestock products and profit affecting and factors.
The profit of main agricultural products up to 2013 was projected using the AGMEMOD
model taking into account the internal and external factors changes.
The paper was prepared under the research project „Profit variant projections of the
Lithuanian Agricultural sector up to 2013“ funded by Research Council of Lithuania and carried
out under the direction of the Council supported activity „Scientists initiative to develop projects“.

Keyword(s): crop and livestock products, profit, income, expenditure, direct payment, profitability, forecast

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