Management Theory and Studies for Rural Business and Infrastructure Development, Volume 24

Consumer behavior models for internet marketing

Vytautas Juščius, Irmina Viskantaitė


Both consumers and providers of goods and services are involved in internet marketing
processes; therefore, understanding the factors that influence customer behaviour contribute to
the success of business. The article rates models of consumer behaviour potentiality in Internet
Marketing. Methods of research used: the analysis of scientific articles, data filing, synthesis and
generalizations. L. F. Cunningham, J. H. Gerlach, M. D. Harper and C. E. Young suggest a model
for decision-making on the Internet which is recommended for future research in consumer
behaviour in Internet Marketing. The model includes methods of presentation, consumer purchase
stages, environmental characteristics and the elements of perception risks.

Keyword(s): consumer behaviour, consumer behaviour models, internet marketing

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