Management Theory and Studies for Rural Business and Infrastructure Development, Volume 24

Food security: chalenges for European unijon countries

Remigijus Čiegis, Birutė Kulvelytė


Food security situation in EU countries is evaluated with reference to theoretical and empirical
material. Aim of the article – to evaluate food security possibilities in European Union.
Object of the article – food security. Methods used: analysis of scientific literature, method of
descriptive statistics analysis. In the article according to the collected theoretical and practical
material, the food security indicators in Europe countries are analysed and food security situation
in Western Europe, Baltic and Easten Europe counties is evaluated. The first part of this article
considers the concept of food security. Food security concept involves these dimensions of food
security: a) availability of food, b) access to food, c) food utilization, d) stability, and e) vulnerability.
Research methodology is discussed in the second part of the article. Main food security
indicators for comparison are chosen based on theoretical and analytical analysis. The third part
of this article presents the evaluation of food security in Baltic and Easten European countries.

Keyword(s): availability of food Western Europe, Baltic and Eastern Europe counties food security, sustainable development, indicators

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