Management Theory and Studies for Rural Business and Infrastructure Development, Volume 23

Elements of communication of consultants and clients in agricultural consulting companies

Dalia Perkumienė, Aidanas Perkumas


The relation between consultants and their clients are miscellaneous and very complex
during the consulting process. Factors that make an influence on business relationships can be
evaluated by looking at the objects of business communication. The main aspect of such relationship
is transfer of information and its assimilation. Peculiarities of interpersonal communication
show the intellectual or emotional distance. The feeling of comfort during the communication
process and efficiency of consultation depends on them.
This article research concentrates on influence of main factors to interpersonal and business
relations between consultants and clients. Efficiency of relationships between consultants
and clients and success of consulting depends from different factors: from education of consultant
and client, from their knowledge and other skills, also from consultants’ experience.

Keyword(s): consulting, client, consultant, relationships between clients and consultants

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