Management Theory and Studies for Rural Business and Infrastructure Development, Volume 23

The evaluation of suitability of agricultural consulting methods

Vilma Atkočiūnienė


Agricultural consulting method is a reliable way of giving information of a qualified person
to a farmer, seeking to distinguish a problem and recommend the alternatives to solve it. The
approval of the agricultural consulting method directly depends on the fact if the opinion of a
consultant and a client is similar.
The empiric research model has been chosen to investigate the approval of using the agricultural
consulting methods in Marijampolė region. Two questionnaires for the consultants and
the farmers with simpler questions have been chosen. The aim of the empiric method was to find
out which methods were the most suitable for the respondents, what was the opinion of the farmers
about these methods and to know if the consultants pay attention to the farmer’s needs. The
paper upon analyzing agriculture consultation methods applied in Marijampolė region according
to the prepared methodology relevance of agriculture consultation methods has been calculated.
Recommendations for improvement of agriculture consultation method have been presented for
the methods at the lowest relevance level. With respect to these recommendations consultants
could improve relevance level and this would directly influence success of the consultation too.

Keyword(s): agriculture consulting method, consulting process

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