Management Theory and Studies for Rural Business and Infrastructure Development, Volume 22

Economic competitiveness of rural areas and local residents entrepreneurship interfaces

Vytautas Vaznonis, Dovilė Čiūtaitė


Economic competitiveness of rural areas can’t be dissociated from Entrepreneurship: to
strengthen the economic competitiveness of rural areas it is essential various tools to support and
prompt initiatives and entrepreneurship of local inhabitants. The aim of the article is to determine
priority lines of enterprise inducement. There were chosen Skuodas and Pagėgiai peripheral regions
for the analysis. During the investigation there was sought to ascertain the opinions of the
local residents about the environment they lived in, subjects of businesses, and development opportunities.
Therefore, the questionnaire for the residents was made according to methodological
requirements of LEADER program. The article identifies the determinants in rural areas of economic
competitiveness, also has been disclosed concernment for the local residents’ development
of entrepreneurship has been striving to strengthen the rural areas economic competitiveness
and has been well-founded trend priorities on competitiveness of rural areas residents’.

Keyword(s): rural economic competitiveness, rural population entrepreneurship

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