Management Theory and Studies for Rural Business and Infrastructure Development, Volume 22

Modelling the determinants of organic farming

Virgilijus Skulskis


It is noted that despite the fact that in the world organic farming has being practiced already
for a few decades, from the point of view of different related sciences so far scientists have
no single opinion concerning the determinant factors. One of the reasons is the heterogeneity of
organic farms as socio-economic systems. The heterogeneity determined the fact that in the previous
research scientists made an attempt to identify the factors of organic farming and describe
them according to various economic and social characteristics of organic farms or farmers, including
and rapidly changeable parameters. Results of the research support the four major groups
of the organic farming encouraging factors and classifying the organic respondents depending on
the activity priorities into two homogenous groups (profit-oriented and organic-oriented lifestyle).

Keyword(s): organic farming, determinants of organic farming

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