Management Theory and Studies for Rural Business and Infrastructure Development, Volume 22

Methodological aspects of cost price calculating systems for agricultural products

Artūras Lakis, Danutė Juškevičienė, Aldona Stalgienė


Successful management of agriculture, like any other business, is impossible without reliable
information. This article deals with some issues of the creation of preconditions for a database
of economic information supply for agricultural entities. The aim is to investigate the methodology
and assumptions for the development of database of the main types of agricultural production
and the costs of biological asset and to make proposals for the composition and calculation
of the average costs. The information of the database should improve the management of
farm production costs and help to make better decisions for structure of production. In order to
reach this objective, the following tasks were set: to carry out the assessment of reliability and
methodological compatibility of the existing sources of information on agricultural production
and costs of the biological asset. The article deals with the assumptions of such a database creation
and discusses the calculation methodology of average costs of agricultural production and
the biological asset.
The authors have prepared a scheme for the development of database for costs of agricultural and
biological asset, characterized its components and described the basic principles for calculation
of the data to be placed in the database.

Keyword(s): agricultural products, biological assets, production costs

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