Management Theory and Studies for Rural Business and Infrastructure Development, Volume 20

Theoretical aspects of improving personnel assessment process

Erika Župerkienė, Aurimas Župerka


Personnel assessment as a system is not a new phenomenon, however the attitude towards
personnel assessment itself has changed: it is understood that personnel assessment as a
system facilitate a task of company managers when assigning payment for work, making decisions
on employee‘s further career development in organization, etc., also it motivates the employees
themselves to work for the benefit of their organization, to improve and develop their
skills and competences. Not the necessity of an assessment system itself but ways to make it
even more effective – is an issue widely analysed in research publications. Effectiveness of assessment
system depends on whether assessing persons recognize their mistakes, whether an assessment
is made with proper precision and what is response to assessment process itself.

Keyword(s): staff, staff assessment, staff evaluation process

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